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         | 公司介紹  景點招商。 中旅動態。 名家書畫。 ENGLISH

        President Address



      President Address


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      Enterprise structure


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      The Methods of Financing in the Development in Travel Resource 

      We have the right of managing the lands for 50 to 70 years to develop these resources for travel agency both for usage and construction except historical and culture parts which are protected by the government. So we get the fields as the form of financing and investment. We hold all the capitals and annexes travel spots which we can develop and build . According to the policy to support us ,we will get the finance in 8 ways as below: 

      1.     Bank Credit

            Getting bank credit is our main way of financing .In order to make the development of travel agency on these spots , we will ask for a loan of some certain items, mortgaging or impawning the properties including lands ,buildings, and even the right of management .We also have the incomes for people's visiting .Up to now ,there is no flawless financing policy to provide loan for how to develop these travel resources ,but some enterprises try to use these capitals we mentioned above to get the money from the bank. In 2003 the State Council of the People's Republic of China signed up the No.9 document which says the scenic spots development can be provided long term loan with low interest.

      2.     Capital Financing

             We have reorganized and rebuilt the structure of our capitals . In the fields we will set up some share branch companies to collect funds and our main company enrolls some investors to join as the beginner. Each can get investment from the society as in one group. The main company can also set up the share company itself which controls all the shares .We can gather funds or enlarge shares from the investors .With these methods to absorb capitals.

      3. Item Financing

             WE have made some items for the development and have planned in details. We make business arrangement according to the investors' request. According to the materials ,we can absorb social funds from in and abroad .We can accept BOT or other modes such as cooperation ,joint venture or transfer the right of some item management .

      4. Financing Supported by Policy

            We make full use of the State policy to get credit financing including the national debts, zoology protection ,historical and culture value protection , the world travel organizational support ,loan from the World Bank ,other kinds of finance among countries ,China Developing Bank's loan and other poverty-relief supporting funds as well.

      5. Commerce Credit Financing

           If the develop arrangement has its ample attraction ,we are sure to use our credit to carry on the work. We can also start it with our funds . On the general occasion we can pay 10%-30% for the works .If the financing arrangement allows ,it is possible for us to pay for the whole in advance.

      Commerce credit can embodies many ways .If we can carry on the develop works together with travel agency ,we will get commerce credit financing from travel goods ,ads ,road , scenic spot building and so on .

      6.Get Financing Overseas

      We have many ways to get financing overseas including bonds, shares ,venture bonds with high interest ,plant funds for investment ,affiance funds and so on .Though finance overseas is controlled by some policy ,we can still start with it in many other ways .But it needs a bank of overseas to help as the main seller to arrange the design it all over the country. 

      7. Affiance Investment

            After the new Law of Affiance Investment , Companies have got large market to work at it and they have created some new tools for financing .Among them credence of affiance investment as items and special topic is interested by  many people. We are preparing to launch credence for the travel agency  in the middle part of China ,and after making it ,we can gather funds from the public with the help of some affiance investment company .

      8. Getting Finance From the Stock Market

            Because the income for coming to the spots is forbidden to put into the main income of the public companies, the travel agency enterprises who develop the travel resources can not go into the stock market directly .But they can enter the stock market as other business for example ,traffic tools ,high ways ,restaurants , hotels ,or other kinds .We can also attract money from public companies for additional items or get their right of shares.   



      版權所有  中國旅游投資股份有限公司  

        E-mail: ctic818@163.com

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